At McDonalds…Bloggin’

August 10, 2009

Internet cafes don’t exist in Nabaris, but thankfully the local McDonald’s has Wi-Fi! Technically, it’s for Nintendo DS systems, but I’m a creepy mooch so I’m taking what I can get. This post comes to you from the Golden Arches, where a bunch of Japanese people are staring at me because I’m, uh, using a computer at McDonalds. Gonna keep this quick, to avoid further awkwardness.

Below you’ll find a bunch of posts I’ve written since I got to Nabari, Japan, my home here. They are all out of order and feature tons of misspellings (shocking, right), but hey, at least I’ve been doing something. I don’t get Internet at my apartment until the end of the month, so savor this batch for as long as you can. Because I can’t guarantee I’m coming back to McDonalds to do this. Though the “Nippon All-Star Menu” debuts tomorrow. They have a burger with an entire egg on it!

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