Can’t Escape Them – Mormons

August 26, 2009

Only two types of people come to my apartment – delivery people and salesfolk. I’ve had a good number of boxes come from America, so that makes sense. As for the people selling things – well, one time a lady and her daughter came to my door selling tickets to some sort of festival, and I think it supported a school or something so I bought one (still sitting on my fridge, I’m pretty positive the event already happened). The other time, a man from NHK (Japan’s BBC, if you will) came and I had no idea what he wanted. I had to call another ALT to try to figure out if he was installing something or hawking something, but the guy realized I was hopeless and left. Strange times.

When I heard my doorbell today I assumed it was the mail. I’m expecting a package from home containing the most vital of items – Chex Mix – so I dashed over to answer it.

To my surprise, I was greeted by two Americans. My excitement quickly dissolved when I noticed they were wearing white button-up shirts tucked into black slacks and holding little books.


Instead of thinking up a convenient excuse right away and bolting my door shut, though, I talked to them. The chance to have a real English chat with someone excited me, even if said people were trying to convert me to Mormonism. We started with small talk – “how are you” and “where are you from,” so forth. Except I was more than happy to tell them my biography.

They did a great impression of listening and laughed at various things (oh, laughter not associated with me knowing no Japanese, how I missed you!). It eventually dawned on me they were just waiting for the right moment to go into the religious stuff…or for me to invite them inside. Which, as much as I liked having surprise Americans to talk to, was not happening. I told them I was just on my way out to run some errands – which, shockingly, was true. I ran to the local ampm to get something to eat, primarily strawberry Pocky. Man, that stuff is good.

Before I fled, though, I did do something I haven’t done in a bit – pretend to be a journalist. I actually asked them about there life in Japan, and got enough info to probably write, like, four Twitter updates. The most interesting tidbit came when they told me talking to English people had become slightly more difficult than chatting with the Japanese – they’ve gotten the Japanese speech down so well that talking to someone like me sort of throws them off. Huh.

The lesson here – I’m going to learn to look through the little key hole on my door before I just fling it open.

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