The Actual Last Episode Of Buzzer Beat

September 21, 2009

After last week’s false start, I considered not writing this post because 1.) I already said everything I needed to say about Buzzer Beat last time around and 2.) nobody cares about a J-Drama except like two people I know and random people on the Internet. A quick glance at my blog stats, though, reveals this post offers the most promise at gaining triple-digit views, and my ego could use such a pointless boost at the moment. Plus, tuning into the show directly before the extra long (!) finale made me realize this is a pretty special moment. For TV, at least.

The show in question showed a bunch of clips from other famous J-Drama finales. Actors kissing one another, not kissing one another, staring longingly at one another, straight up dieing. You know, your typical series finale. Yet the boxes in the corner of the screen, featuring famous Japanese people reacting to said clips, showed people absolutely losing it. They cried and clapped at what might have been significant media moments from their life. I know these types of TV finales are a big deal anywhere – I am not ashamed to admit I cried for like six minutes after seeing the last episode of Six Feet Under – but this still seemed interesting. I realized the real significance of this finale – I probably will never watch another J-Drama as long as I live. Unless they make a journalism-centric one (and even then, it would need a pretty cool theme song), I am not going to be pulled into a drama the way Buzzer Beat got me with the (fake) promise of basketball. So, this is my one brush with the series finale of an extremely popular J-Drama.

Plus, it’s a finale, they might go all out. Something might explode!

OK, onto thoughts from the FINAL EPISODE OF Buzzer Beat!

Spoilers Probably Start Here, Interested People

– Where we are at going in – main character dude and main love interest girl apparently parted ways. Tears were shed. Lights went out. Dramatic music played.

– I wonder how much a commercial during a big episode of a J-Drama like this runs?

– The main love interest girl seems to be moving somewhere. She has boxes and everything. I smell huge life decisions in need of deciding on the horizon.

– Holy shit, they are playing a piano version of “A Day In The Life” over this. That’s awesome.

– Main character guy left some sort of message (curse you Japanese!) on a billboard in front of love interest’s apartment. Cue the single tear down the face!


– Uh oh, we’ve fast-forwarded to 2010. Don’t see any robots yet, future looks pretty boring = /

– Main character guy totally recovered from his injury in the future, and can play basketball. And luckily, they are playing a team with absolutely no defense. Like, they literally just stop moving when someone gets under the net. So there playing the Golden State Warriors, nice.

– Main love interest lady saw main character dude get on a bus and she chases after it, trying to get his attention. Alas, she fails. Don’t mess with public transit, lady.

– OK, OK, hearing “A Day In The Life” once was cool, but now I think this was the only piano version of The Beatles they could afford.

– I’m sorry, but this dramatic speech between two characters just doesn’t work with the big banner proclaiming “Get Top!” in the background.

– Wouldn’t somebody clean the message he graffitied onto the billboard after a year? I thought Japan was the cleanest place in the world next to Ikea.

– Whoa, they got an American to appear in this show!!!! He said words I understand. Yes!

– Gahahahahahaha, white dude all be “do you love the young man?” Main love interest girl suddenly speaks English and then American guy says something to the affect of “everything is good! Love makes you strong.”

– Soft-rock guitar solo!!!

– Uh OK…so main love interest just ran into the arena (don’t you need a ticket) and just starts yelling at main character guy right before he is going to take a crucial free-throw. Isn’t there security at these games? Plus, nobody is making any noise…not even the large contingent of visiting fans. And…this is ridiculous.

– Just atrocious defense. And this team’s celebrating like they won something significant…I thought this was the first game of the season?

– Oh…oh….oh….

– And they kiss! Happy endings for all, except the losing team.

– Whoa, wait, I think the next scheduled J-Drama has lots of guns in it. Looks like I won’t be abandoning J-Drama just yet!

Welp…a happy ending and nice to know Japanese TV is just as illogical and over-the-top as American television. Farewell Buzzer Beat, you’ll always live on in my heart.

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