In Case You Were Wondering…

October 5, 2009

…they do have American Apparels outside of Tokyo. Look!

Seriously Patrick? Why post at all

Seriously Patrick? Why post at all

A few other random observations from the ever-happening streets of Osaka this past weekend:

– I think a lot of people have the unfair idea a lot of Japanese people dress really stupidly. For the most part, the people I see on the streets dress normally. But boy do the unique outfits really stick out. One second your surrounded by teenagers wearing t-shirts and jeans then bam! some chick dressed like Strawberry Shortcake. Moments late you run into two dude sporting hair just like those vampire guys from the bad Matrix movies. I saw a TV crew interviewing some teenager with purple hair and what appeared to be multiple octopus eyes covering her purple dress. I will never chase these memories away.

– One record store I walked by played Soulja Boy Tell Em’s “Yahhh!” really loudly. Sweeet.

– I saw the coolest bootleg Bart Simpson t-shirt for sale in Osaka. I will get this shirt at all costs next visit, money is no issue here.

– They play the Pokemon fight music in public squares here. They just re-released Gold and Silver (I thought those had only been out like four years?) so it was a marketing ploy, but it’s still pretty surreal to be walking around to the sounds of 6th grade non-stop.

– I’ve noticed that at every McDonald’s I go to in Japan, the staff features an inordinate amount of cute girls working there. I might just be lonely/going crazy/visit McDonald’s way too often, but I never thought a fast-food restaurant could employ so many attractive people. Even better, all the McD’s employees usually have an extremely small grasp of English – my heart swells when I hear “one Big Mac and a Coke Zero, right?”


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