An Update

October 15, 2009

If you check this blog daily (right? RIGHT????) you’ve probably noticed a slight drop in posting. I wish I had some sort of exciting reason for this but…nothing really bloggable, even by my lax standards, has happened. Work has been surprisingly busy – I even had to prepare an entire lesson! I almost have hiragana memorized…but katakana looms large on the horizon. The 10-year-old chef on TV just made chocolate covered pasta, is that normal? But yeah, it’s honestly been a little quiet recently. I almost wrote a rambling, indulgent “wahhh wahhhh” post but gathered my senses enough not to. So, here are a few small happenings if you missed them.

– I made my triumphant return to The Daily Northwestern last week…sorta. Go to the very end of this article and check out my quote. Just can’t quit that campus media!

– My Japanese music blog does regularly update and I’m slowly but surely getting more confident with it. I might even e-mail a band in an effort to gain connections! Look at me go!

– I need a Halloween costume for…this Saturday. Ideas?

– As you could probably guess, I’m currently amped up on the Angels’ playoff run. I haven’t felt such a rush from sports like I did when the team swept Boston since…I went to the Alamo Bowl to cover NU football. I’m currently riding a baseball high, and am super excited for the upcoming series against the Yankees.

– The new McDonald’s “Nippon All-Star” item looks absolutely terrifying. It’s got shrimp and weird sauce in it….ughhhh.

Well…that’s about it. I’m sure more interesting things will happen soon. Enjoy your day!


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