The Adventures Of Fatrick: Pepsi Azuki

October 20, 2009

Pepsi doesn’t know when to stop. The soft drink company behind the bizarre Pepsi summer flavors, including the war-crime worthy Pepsi Shiso, has expanded the seasonal offerings to the fall. Because nothing quenches the thirst like the months where leaves fall off of trees and people gut pumpkins for Halloween!

Pepsi Azuki kicks off the (hopefully not) annual fall flavor. The Azuki bean is usually grinded down into a paste (dubbed “red bean paste” around these parts) that tastes extremely sweet. Azuki shows up most often in Japanese desserts, either as a filling in pastries or as a sort of drier Jell-O-like creation that doesn’t taste bad but boasts the same texture as a water bed. It also is a popular ice cream flavor.

That's my work desk!

That's my work desk!

The new drink hit shelves today – during my routine stop at Circle K to buy my lunch (read: a banana, an energy bar, a bag of Doritos), I spotted an entire row of pink Pepsi in the cooler. I should have learned from my Shiso experience, but I couldn’t resist the almost-medicine colored soft drink staring at me. I bought one.

Admittedly, Pepsi Azuki frightens me a little less than Shiso. The few times I’ve eaten Azuki, I’ve only been put-off by the texture, not the taste. This soda involves no chewing (I hope…), and might actually be good. Famous last words.

So…how is it?

Just like Pepsi Shiso, Pepsi Azuki tricks you at first sip. Where the Shiso drink tasted kind of good before the aftertaste revealed something more in common with a pine tree air freshener, Azuki tastes like absolutely nothing at first. Give it a second, though, and the aftertaste kicks in – it’s not nearly as repulsive as Pepsi Shiso but it’s a bit…disconcerting. The faintest traces of sweet pop up, and it sorta reminds me of a fruity marshmallow. This isn’t necessarily I want in my soda. It isn’t a huge deal, though, because said aftertaste is extremely faint.

Pepsi Azuki is far from offensive to the tongue, but it’s also not very memorable. I’ll take my memory of Pepsi Shiso with me to the grave, but Pepsi Azuki…I’ll probably forget about in like a week. It isn’t tasty enough to warrant a second purchase. It is just sort of…there. I expected much stranger from you, Pepsi.

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