Update: Identity Of Pocky-Belly Man Revealed!

October 29, 2009

At the start of the month I witnessed a very chubby comedian open a coke bottle with his bellybutton and also invited the crowd to hurl a big box of Pocky at his exposed girth. Once you witness something like that, you can’t unsee it. So, I’ve spent the last 30 days wondering…who was this magnificent bastard? With October almost over, I finally have the answer…he’s Garigarigarikuson.

As you can probably guess from the above video, Garigarigarikuson’s main schtick is he’s fat. Cue laugh track. Now, for all I know he’s got a really well thought out and insightful routine devised up and I’m just missing out. Then I watch a video where he smashes a box of chips with a broom in his underwear and realize no, he’s just flabby.

If you want to see more clips of Garigarigarikuson doing stuff in his skivies just hit up YouTube. Otherwise…just visualize a big box of Pocky colliding with that gut, and you’ll have visualized my brief run-in with Japanese comedy.

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