iPhone Photos Abound, As Does Bad Quality: The Week That Was

December 4, 2009

– Here’s another one for the “Japan never fails to meet my expectations” folder. This is a typical school stop sign:

Hello There!

Hello There!

Not pictured: the Kirby themed one down the street. No, really.

– Japanese junior high schools are absolutely plastered in educational posters. Most of these tend to be in the “don’t do this” category, pictures of kids walking around in green fields with sentences like “NO DRUGS!” or “Smoking Free!” overhead. These promotional goods weren’t good enough for my school this week, as they’ve gone ahead and made a series of “how not to get sick” drawings.

Shit looks painful

Shit looks painful

Just avoid the deadly black spores, and you’ll be good! Others in the series include a series of little white dudes jumping around a boy’s stomach and a chart showing how far germs fly via different kinds of sneezes.

– Friday’s table tennis club meeting seemed as normal as ever, until a gaggle of junior high girls formed a circle around me and launched into 60 Minutes mode.

“Do you have a girlfriend?”

“Do you have a boyfriend? Gay?”

“Are you married?”

“Do you love people?” (I’m pretty sure they were trying to ask if I had a crush on anyone, it just came out as very broad.)

“Have you girlfriend before?” (In a clever move, I said “yes, a longtime ago” which caused the circle to burst into an united chorus of “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH!” and helped end questioning/affirm my heterosexuality.)

– You surely know by now Japan stuffed to the brim with weird vending machines. And you probably could guess that some machines sell beer, liquor and cigarettes. Well, three such machines exist exactly two minutes away from one of my junior highs. Right in front of the most used bus stop! That can’t possibly end well. And this stuff’s cheap! And one can of beer is big enough to bludgeon a bear with. The Japanese must put a lot of faith in those educational posters.

Those two on the left are stupid huge

Those two on the left are stupid huge

(Japanese Fun Fact #31: The Japanese don’t say “bless you” after they sneeze. They don’t say anything, actually. When a teacher sitting across from you sneezes five times in a row, it’s tough not to say anything at all.)


2 Responses to “iPhone Photos Abound, As Does Bad Quality: The Week That Was”

  1. Lara said

    Japanese Fun Facts return!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kinzie said

    YEAH! France doesn’t have a “bless you” moment either and it feels so weird!

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