The Adventures Of Fatrick: Taste Of America Pringles: Las Vegas Shortrib

December 15, 2009

I originally wanted to write up something on a relatively awkward instance that went down earlier this week (it’s not that crazy), but I’ve got the ol’ college jitters about it. Lets just say an old incident that I’m still trying to shake off is on my brain and bugging me out. Glad I sent my parents into debt for that. Anyway! What follows was originally supposed to be a little bonus to the goofy story, but is now the whole post. So…it’s really short. But enjoy all the same.

The loveable globetrotters over at Pringles are at it again! There tour-de-food of America via stackable potato chips has so far brought us to the cheesy streets of New York and the chicken-rich drives of Los Angeles. Next stop? Las Vegas, for some spareribs.

This is a clever move by the folks behind Japanese Pringles. The majority of ribs readily available in Las Vegas come as part as shady “$4.99 for five pounds of ribs” deals casinos typically run to keep gamblers moving as they blow away retirement money. Nobody but the booze-stained slot junkie finds such cheap-ass food delicious, so even if the chip version of it tastes bad Pringles can just play the “capturing the taste of Las Vegas” card.
Well you admire that lovely can design (the Japanese have never seen American currency, I reckon), lets find out how it tastes.

This is a barbeque Pringle. They changed the packaging, that’s it. Total letdown. But! Maybe this is a twisted commentary on the emptiness of Vegas, how that city borrows all its landmarks from other places in the world. We expect something different, but all we get is the same old BBQ potato chip.
Or, ya know, the Japanese will just buy anything.


2 Responses to “The Adventures Of Fatrick: Taste Of America Pringles: Las Vegas Shortrib”

  1. Lara said

    Every time there’s no Japanese Fun Fact at the end of one of your posts, a kitten dies. I HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY TO KILL KITTENS, SIR.

  2. Lara said

    I mean, no pressure or anything…

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