The Adventures Of Fatrick: Mashed (?) Potato Pringles

January 18, 2010

Yes, all I do in Japan is eat food

Yes, all I do in Japan is eat food

How can one make a potato chip even more potato-ey? Simple, respond the Japanese! Just introduce a mashed potato flavored chip. Does this snack accurately capture the taste of a dinner-time staple? Lets find out.

The strangest aspect of these chips is they kinda do smell like a cooked potato. Bless bizarro seasonings I guess. The taste though…not as straightforward. The most immediate flavor sensation isn’t of potato but something I just can’t put my finger on. It tastes vaguely familiar but I just can’t pinpoint it…

Oh, seems like my Japanese lessons have been a total waste: a second look at the packaging reveals the flavor of these Pringles is “ma-yo-o–zu-po-te-to.” Roughly translated into…mayo potato. A potato slathered in mayonnaise. Basically a mayonnaise-flavored potato chip.


In American Pringles News…: My friends Lara, Vanessa and Emily back in lovely Evanston write in to share this photo:

One of these doesn't belong

One of these doesn't belong

Since I’m apparently an authority on oddly flavored Pringles, they ask “How do these options compare to what can be found in Japan?” Great question! First off, the “multi-grained” ones would be laughed off the shelf because Pringles in this country are expected to be junk food, not some dietary staple like in America. As for the other (delicious looking) flavors, “cheeseburger” and “Mexican layered dip” would probably be huge hits to the point I’m positive that at least burger flavored Pringles has been done. The other two fried entries, though they’d be big hits, aren’t prevalent in Japan so no dice. Probably a good thing…an “onion blossom” chip sounds quite revolting. And I just ate mayo-flavored snacks.

(Japanese Fun Fact #36 – I gave one of my Japanese supervisors a Milky Way bar as “omiyage” from America. He ate it and his face scrunched up like he’d bitten into a lemon sculpted out of Sour Patch Kid dust. He looked up and said “too sweet for me.” So…American candy, too intense for the Japanese pallet.)

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