The Adventures Of Fatrick: Pringles Grand Canyon French Fry Chip

February 10, 2010

How did that cowboy get on the "n"?

Clearly the people behind Japanese Pringles have completely given up on trying to connect their potato chips to geographical locations in any sort of logical manner. On the list of things the Grand Canyon is famous for, I think its french fries ranks pretty far down. Yet here we have the Grand Canyon French Fry chip flavor, more nonsensical than all before it. And I still bought the can.

Labeling these chips as “french fry” flavored (besides being, ya know, already potatoes) is highly misleading. The actual taste front-and-center here is ketchup. Much like last round’s mayo-flavored snack, this condiment-inspired gets points for doing a great job of recreating the taste. And unlike mayonnaise, I don’t want to vomit thinking about it! The chips taste OK, though they went a little overboard on the ketchup-dust coated on the food. It’s way too strong, and I could only eat a few at a time over a two-day span. Still a big improvement over the mayo chips, which are still sitting on my shelf.

(Japanese Fun Fact #42: Have 22 minutes? Watch this cool Al Jazeera program about Japan’s Ainu people!)


2 Responses to “The Adventures Of Fatrick: Pringles Grand Canyon French Fry Chip”

  1. Vlad Putin said

    In Russia, all our Pringles are sprinkled with the magical dust and essence of Vladimir Putin. Just sayin’.

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