Yes, I Will Wear This In Public

March 2, 2010

Awesome T-Shirt Checklist:

-Has famous cartoon character doing something wacky/ironic: Check
-Vague weed aesthetic: Check
– Horrible horrible pun: Check Check Check

The biggest shock is this was on sale at a thrift store. Who would want to get rid of this???

Don’t answer that…

In other pointless news, the rebranded Pepsi logo has debuted in Japan.

Pepsuber joke

Pepsuber joke

This barely constitutes news to anyone…but since I did an entire report for a (dreadful) advertising class on this topic, I kinda geeked out when I saw it. The police will have to restrain me when the new Dominoe’s formula hits this side of the world.

(Japanese Fun Fact #46: Before graduation, students at school spend one afternoon “thanking” the school they attended for the past three years. I don’t mean giving gifts to the staff…they literally thank the school building by giving it a thorough cleaning. Very cute. My English teacher explained this all to me as I watched the students play janitor while I sat back and made word search puzzles.)


One Response to “Yes, I Will Wear This In Public”

  1. Vlad Putin said

    These are just a few of my favorite things.

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