File Under Unsolved Mysteries

March 10, 2010

(First off, sorry for lack of updates. I have two posts just waiting to be written but…surprise!…I’m busy at work. This, though, was just too strange to pass up.)

There I am, minding my own business on a Wednesday night. I’ve just finished off a plate of spaghetti and am now watching YouTube videos while Greek downloads off of iTunes. A great night.

My doorbell goes off. I’ve already picked up a package from my grandma earlier in the day, so I’m not expecting any mail. I have no plans. I’m pretty sure I’ve scared off the local Mormon missionaries. I head over to the door and open it up. Standing outside is an older Japanese woman. She might be my neighbor, she might be my landlord. I’ve seen both rarely.

She starts talking. My Japanese ability have reached the point where I can pick certain words out of a sentence and sorta kinda piece things together from there…but everything she says whizzes by me leaving me dumbfounded as to what is going on. Through some hand motioning, it becomes clear she wants to come inside. Assuming that if she intends to cut out my kidneys that I could take her (reason number one I signed up for the gym – ability to fend off the elderly), I let her in.

The woman wants to see my shower. I get over the shame of having to show this stranger my completely grody shower room and open the door. We walk in. She speaks some more gibberish. She makes some twisting motions. “Mizou?” I ask, flexing my knowledge of one Japanese word (water). “Iie iee” (no no). “Heat?” “Hai.”

I turn on the heat. She then asks for me to turn on the water. Done. Then I turn it off. Then she wants me to do it all again while the knob is in different places…I think. I oblige. She says things. I look at her like she’s just peeled her skin off. She apologizes for this whole situation. She also makes a hand motion that might signify steam. But I don’t know. She apologizes once more, I say no problem, and she leaves. I’m left to figure out what just happened. No luck. At least Greek finished downloading.

(Japanese Fun Fact #47: Japanese school kids draw the most intricate pictures in fogged up bus windows.)


One Response to “File Under Unsolved Mysteries”

  1. Jonathan said

    Yeah, I really don’t know what that would have been about. She never came to my apartment.

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