Basketball, “Patricktown” And My Dog…Or I Guess I Should Write Something

April 27, 2010

I should be updating this blog a bit more frequently than I do now, but 1.) nothing particularly interesting has happened as of late and 2.) I’m going through the on-again-off-again phase of wondering why I even write about any of this stuff at all. Couple those two points with the fact I’ve spent the last few days researching other foreigner-in-Japan blogs and materials, resulting in me wondering what the point of any of this is (I’ve tried writing about this situation but always end up hitting roadblocks in the form of points one and two). Dramatic right? Well, don’t worry about any of that business. Let’s focus on some smaller details as of late.

– I started playing basketball with my students at one of my schools. Having only taken part in one practice, I’m not prepared to write some FreeDarko-esque epic about how the Japanese ball…besides Buzzer Beat probably did a good enough job on that front…but I’ll offer up a few slight observations. These kids played fast, and I don’t just mean “fast” compared to my lumbering about…these kids played like the Phoenix Suns circa mid-Oughts. They tended not to drive towards the basket all that much, opting instead to take frequent jump shots, regardless of how awkward they ended up being. The students also treated any positive play on my part as NBA Finals MVP material – they all clapped when I made a shot, and couldn’t stop complimenting me in English when I made free throws (glad my athletic talents offer up a chance for more English practice).

The biggest ovation came when I attempted to save the ball from going out-of-bounds by diving after it. Everyone, even the instructor, seemed impressed by my hustle. Thankfully, they don’t know the truth…I slipped and while clumsily falling to the hardwood, I tried pawing after the ball. Turning awkwardness into gold…my natural ability.

– I had to make a map for a class about directions last week. I made this.

The teacher dubbed it “Patricktown” and I ran with it. Patricktown features a movie theater, a “nature museum” and of course a pet store complete with bad drawing of a puppy. It’s also the best thing I’ve drawn in a long time. A low standard, but a standard nonetheless.

– A student attempted to draw Cookie, my family’s dog featured prominently in my self-introduction. Here is a terrible photo of it.

The iPhone…not very good at pictures.


2 Responses to “Basketball, “Patricktown” And My Dog…Or I Guess I Should Write Something”

  1. Emily Chow said

    Does Patricktown have a McD’s!?!?

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