The Adventures Of Fatrick: Pepsi Baobab

May 30, 2010

Much to my shock – it feels like yesterday I got here where did the time go! – I’ve almost been in Japan an entire year. I came to this realization not by looking at a calendar or realizing I should figure out tax information, but rather by the release of the latest “summer edition” Pepsi in Japan. I came to Japan just as the Pepsi Shiso flavor exited local convenience stores, and now the change in seasons can be official as Pepsi Baobab hit shelves as the new “wacky” flavor (aside: every Japan-related blog describes this flavor as wacky. It’s sucked any wackiness out of this drink. I believe “kookie” should be the new braindead adjective of choice).

The Baobab is an African Tree that can apparently bear fruit perfect for a novelty soda flavor. Almost surely released to coincide with the World Cup in South Africa, Pepsi Baobab comes in a bottle featuring silhouettes of what I presume are baobab trees and giraffes, all set against a sky reminiscent of a gay pride flag. The beverage resembles ginger ale inside the bottle, probably the least disturbing appearance any of the Pepsi seasonal drinks has taken on thus far. Let’s get to the good stuff…how does it taste?

Not horrible at all! Two knocks against this kookie (there it is!) drink – it has a stingy initial punch, and a bit of a bitter aftertaste. The experience between the start and finish, though, is entirely pleasant – the baobab soda tastes almost like juice…sugar-heavy juice, but hey that’s what you get in the supermarket…that’s sorta tasty! Easily the best seasonal Pepsi yet, this drink actually kinda rises above the “novelty” tag half the “limited edition” products in Japan aim for. Good going Pepsi!


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