Round-Up Of Things That Happened This Week Or I’m Getting Old

June 24, 2010

– Though I think anyone under the age of 30 who says they “feel old” might be insane, I had a moment this week where I clearly felt aged. I might just be saying that, though, because I don’t want to acknowledge I might just getting stupider. I rode my bike to the gym yesterday because I wanted to get there quickly. An hour later I left and went home. Fast forward a day…my headphones have suddenly died (RIP Sony product) and I’m off to the electronics store to buy a new pair. One problem…I can’t find my bike. I scour the area I always park it in for a good five minutes, run through my head all the places I biked the past weekend (as I figured that was the last time I rode it, I think you know how this ends) and start feeling completely perplexed. Eventually the obvious strikes me and realize I rode it to the gym 24 hours earlier. The fact this didn’t dawn on me for over a day boggles my mind. I’M GETTING OLD OH MY GOD.

– Today during lunch period, whoever decides what music to play over the speakers went with a blast from the obscene past. Eminem’s “The Real Slim Shady” found its way into the heavy J-Pop mix for some bizarre reason. And it wasn’t some radio-clean edit…this was the raw, messy original. Featuring lines like…uhhhhh, just go look it up, my grandma reads this I can only post so much nasty stuff at a time. It was a very strange experience I couldn’t stop laughing at.

– One of the teachers I worked with asked me if I had a heard of a Japanese snack food before the start of class. I clearly hadn’t heard of said foodstuff, as I though he said “Mick Jagger” and said “yeah, the rock star?” He promptly laughed harder more than I’ve seen any other Japanese person laugh at my complete ignorance…and I’ve seen it a lot…and then told the class, who also let out a hearty chuckle. Remember when I said I was using as a cover for getting stupider? I’m clearly a buffoon.

(Japanese Fun Fact #69 IT’S NICE: In America, if an establishment serving food were found to have a mouse running around the rafters of the building, the health department would swarm in and all sorts of negative stuff would happen. At one local bar, the reaction to a mouse clearly running around above patrons head was just a little laugh and a few gasps of “kawaii.” Which…to be fair was accurate, it was kinda a cute mouse. So I’m cool with it.)

Brace for a really long and really paper-like post this weekend. Hope you enjoy my take on books written in the 80s.


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