Game-JET-Match?: Is JET Done For?

July 8, 2010

I write about this despite two huge red flags waving about frantically. Those danger signs being:

– This seems to be only slightly better sourced than the LeBron James free agency whirlwind. Having a guy who claims to be working with the organization in question seems a step up from “sources told ESPN” and “DIDDY JUST TWEETED HE SAW LEBRON IN NEW YORK KNICKS HERE HE COMES!”

– All roads lead to an online petition, the most futile feeling activism on the Internet. I’m all for grassroots movements, but online petitions always seem so…doomed. Plus, I’m still waiting for Nintendo to release a Super Mario RPG 2 I virtually signed something and everything.

With those two points in mind…some dude working for the JET alumni magazine in New York claims the JET Programme is on the government chopping block. Read about it here. He claims it is “the most direct threat” the government-run program has faced in its history. There is an online petition meant to save the program, which you can sign by clicking the link below.

I’ve already touched on this issue before, but for the quick version…JET probably needs a little revamping but is still really valuable. Some of the criticisms laid out by critics in the comments section of the original blog post are simultaneously well intentioned…the desire to have more languages outside of English brought to Japan…and naive…if they cut JET, it would be a clear message Japan isn’t keen on welcoming in more people. Heck, I’d say the same thing if JET stays put.

Anyhow, I don’t think it really matters if you sign the petition above…even the folks who saved Chuck had to buy Subway sandwiches or something. Honestly, I don’t think JET can work in the current Japanese education environment because of the emphasis on test…as long as that remains the case JET will always feel slightly out of place. And I doubt anyone will be clamoring for such an overhaul so…JET is either doomed or facing massive reform.

Welp, that’s a dramatic ending!

(Japanese Fun Fact #73: Recently a friend of mine in America mentioned a certain obsession of mine on this blog – he was reading one of the numerous World Cup related posts when bam up pops a photo of a soda bottle. He noted how I do this a lot on this here blog. And, to continue that tradition…bam, soda can.

This is Pepsi Strong Shot, Pepsi with enough caffeine added in to warrant caution tape I guess. It’s not all that exciting…tastes like any Pepsi around…but it also boasts extra carbonation, which means it potentially could explode in you’re face. Unfortunately, this hasn’t happened to me. But never know! If it does, I’ll write more about soda!)


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