The Adventures Of Fat-Trick: Blue Slime Drink Thing

July 22, 2010

Credit this one to the power of packaging. I’ve never played a single second of any Dragon Warrior/Quest, but any kid who had a subscription to Nintendo Power at some point in their life can recognize the game’s famous blue slime creature. I have no idea what the blob’s purpose serves within the game, but when I saw a new drink served inside a bottle shaped just like it, I bought it no hesitation. Can’t beat novelty packaging I guess.

The one drawback to being drawn to a beverage exclusively by the bottle it comes in is you have no idea what to expect from the actual taste. So how did the strangely blue drink fare?

Well, after a few initial sips…lets cover two extremes shall we? The most negative way I could describe the blue slime drink would be as having a medicine taste, but not even close to the “fun” cough syrup that has turned Lil’ Wayne’s brain into mush. I’m talking the stuff only a doctor can prescribe and that they will only sign off on because it’s the only treatment left. A more positive way to talk about the drink would be…it tastes like a melting, blue popsicle. Except it isn’t “blueberry” flavored but rather some strange Seusian-berry that looks really interesting but tastes gross.

One surprise though…as the bottle became emptier, the taste got much better. Strange, considering most drinks become far less enjoyable when you hit the “residue” bit at the bottom. But with less of a bleh kick, things got much more tolerable as the liquid vanished. Though I wouldn’t recommend anyone to endure the initial disgustingness to get to this mediocrity.

Never trust packaging kids!

(Japanese Fun Fact #76: It’s summer, so that means all the ladies want to be as white as possible. In the past week I’ve seen so many goofy black-or-white sleeves made to keep arms from tanning. Such a weird obsession.)


One Response to “The Adventures Of Fat-Trick: Blue Slime Drink Thing”

  1. Vlad said

    Cute! You should totes turn that bottle into a flower vase or something. Then you can write a blog post about it and call it “The Adventures of Craf-Trick.” The possibilities!

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