July 27, 2010

Title pretty much says it all…I’m taking a two-so-week vacation from writing mostly because I won’t be around to write. I’m actually going places so when I actually do find time to deal with this again I might have something more captivating than “I ate such and such today.” A few small notes before I get away from this for a while.

– I wrote something about this story, but never finished it for whatever reason. I think it showcases one of the biggest problems facing Japan today…the country’s refusal to confront certain societal problems like suicide. Interesting stuff.

– If you ever wondered what the weather in Japan is like post-rainy season…it’s just like Chicago in the summer, except maybe a little hotter.

– So I’m an idiot. Today my supervisor wasn’t in the office because she went to watch her son play in a big prefectural baseball tournament. The game appeared on TV. I managed to catch the ending of it. I thought the team she was supporting had won 6-3. I went upstairs and told the people I work with who seemed pretty happy. Fun times.

Until, 15 minutes after I left work, it became clear I mixed up the result…the other team had won. I still want to punch myself in the face and feel pretty terrible (which is kinda a testament to how this year hasn’t been that bad, because it’s not THAT big of an issue).

Still, for therapy reasons, I should admit small stuff like this tears me apart. I just feel so dumb and my self-confidence gets shredded to ribbons. It hits me on a lot of levels. Sorry to be so LiveJournalish, but I sometimes feel this dumb WordPress blog is the only place I can really vent or let my troubles sneak out. Which is stupid, since everyone on the Internet could see it. But hey…big shock right?

Have a pleasant summer, stay cool.

(Japanese Fun Fact #77 – Some community centers play J-Pop really loudly. That’s weird.)


One Response to “Vacation”

  1. Jonathan said

    You’re tearing you apart Patrick!

    It’s all good. She thanked us for caring.

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