The Week That Was: No Computer Edition

September 19, 2010

Still without a computer, so just doing a quick post lacking in much substance. Enjoy.

What I noticed this week:

– During August, McDonald’s in Japan offered “food straps” for a low price. A “food strap” is a chunk of plastic shaped into one of several ubiquitous menu items. So, for like two hundred yen, you could get a tiny, plastic version of a Fillet-O-Fish. Turn the clock forward to September and, while back on the job at school, I noticed how many students proudly clipped the “food straps” onto their school bags. I guess a tiny plastic Quarter Pounder or Apple Pie is a cool trend among the kids now.

– I didn’t realize how many of my Japanese co-workers lived with their parents until this week. Benefit to this: people who have their moms make their lunch seem really impressed (or feign being impressed) by my ability to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Truth be told, I’m jealous of them.

– A friend went to the dentist this week for the first time in Japan. For one visit, complete with a little work AND a couple of pain pills, he had to pay…$16 thanks to the national plan. America has a long-ass way to go.

The Expendables drops on October 10 on these shores. I’m counting down the days.

– I corrected student’s “summer vacation” diaries this week and, after going over a few gleeful entries about trips to Tokyo Disneyland, I realized just how much of a cynical jerk I’ve become as an adult. Sorry to be all Holden-esque, but it would be pretty rad to have some of that innocence (read: naivety) back.

– But who am I kidding…I can drink! On the street!

– Miley Cyrus has an entire magazine devoted to her here.


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