The Adventures Of Fatrick: Chelsea Yogurt Scotch Taste Drink

October 1, 2010

“Two great tastes – together at last!”

I spotted this seemingly innocent-looking juicebox at the local convenience store this morning and, after doing a cartoon-like double take once I realized what this drink promised, pretty much had to buy it. This specific combination seems to already have been a hit in Japan – a quick Google search reveals it previously existed as a candy, a candy a lot of people outside of Japan wanted to try for some reason. I’ve never seen it in beverage form, though, so it was new to me. Plus, the cheap thrill of drinking something “scotch flavored” in plain sight of all my teachers and students seemed like a thrilling chang of pace (look how cool I am, drinking “scotch!” Out of a juicebox!).

Let’s jump right into it…did this actually taste like alcohol mixed with yogurt, or was it a massive letdown.

Big reveal………

It was the latter. The yogurt taste overpowered whatever else was supposed to be in this concoction…the scotchiest element I could pick up on was the aftertaste, and even that only tasted like alcohol set on fire. Seriously, whatever lingered around in my throat reminded me of used charcoal more than anything else. In retrospect I clearly broke rule number one when it comes to products claiming to have the same taste as an alcoholic drink…never buy them if they aren’t actually alcoholic. Especially when mixed with yogurt.

(Japanese Fun Fact #81 – The word “blood” makes Japanese children laugh a lot. That’s grim.)


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