A Little From Column A, A Little From Column B

October 19, 2010

The awesome: One of the teachers I work with wanted me to write up a dialogue we could use in class this week. She suggested making “going to the movies” part of it and suggested working in a contemporary flick. That film – The Expendables, just opening in Japan. Considering I’ve been waiting like eight months to see this film – I regularly watch the trailer for this and get abnormally giddy about it – I nearly high-fived the teacher. I’m gonna revel in making students try to spell the name “Sylvester Stallone.”

The bad – A student tried to give me a shoulder-area massage and I (mentally) flipped out. Strangely…or not surprising depending on yr stereotypes…this sort of close student-teacher relationship seems kinda common, probably a result of school sorta filling in for parents in the work-obsessed Japanese society. Or maybe back rubs are just cool. But I sure as hell didn’t dig it, and was just waiting for NBC cameras to break through the door.

(Japanese Fun Fact #? I’m on my phone I am not lookin that up: Little kids sincerely believe guns flow like water in America and think you can buy a glock at every store. I told them otherwise, but thinking about it I realize they are more-or-less right.)

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