The Adventures Of Fatrick: Pepsi Mont Blanc

November 8, 2010

Honesty up front – I had no idea what “Mont Blanc” was before Pepsi decided to go and make it this year’s fall “seasonal flavor.” And even then I didn’t know…I initially thought it was some sorta coffee-flavored beverage, but a friend later said he thought it was “a dessert.” What kind of dessert I didn’t know…until a minute ago when Wikipedia came through in the clutch. So…chestnuts. And I can vouch for the “extremely popular in Japan bit” as last time I stopped off in Osaka I noticed several dessert carts/cafes breaking out banners welcoming the new “Mont Blanc” flavor to celebrate the brief autumn.

Can this drink taste as decadent as dessert, though?

Surprisingly, yes. I’m not going crazy when I say this is easily the best seasonal Pepsi I’ve had thus far…considering past flavors, though, not the strongest of praise. But Mont Blanc actually tastes pretty good! It smells like hazelnuts (strongly, at that) and when the first drop hits the tongue a very rich flavor spreads out fast. This Pepsi is sickeningly sweet, to the point where I can’t drink an entire bottle of this stuff in one sitting, opting instead for little dessert-shots from the bottle every so often. Despite being near impossible to polish off at once, Pepsi Mont Blanc tastes both great and radically different than any soda I’ve ever encountered before. It might be the closest one can get to converting a piece of cake from solid to pure liquid.

NOTE: Expect a much more thrilling post as I visited THE spot in Japan I’ve wanted to go to the most since coming this weekend.

(Japanese Fun Fact #87: Because I know you’re clamoring to know the latest in Japanese convenience store/fast food trends…”hot” is the in flavor, as Lawson’s introduced a fine “hot” chicken sandwich to its menu that, despite being the same color as the red Nickelodeon slime they sold in Target when I was eight, tastes good. McDonald’s just introduced the limited edition “Diavolo” chicken sandwich. And let’s not forget AM/PM who now stock the hot-food box with fried potato coated in “spicy” powder.)


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