The world does not need another blog about Japan.  Google “japan blog” and note how the first result is for a website devoted to listing all the various blogs about the Land of the Rising Sun.  Uruguay doesn’t have such a page.  Sweden doesn’t get that treatment.  Russia outsizes Japan by a super large margin, but still can’t cough up a blog directory.  Seemingly every foreigner who lives in Japan decides to write about the experience, so you think by now there would be nothing new to learn about Japan at this point.

Yet here I am, registering a goofy WordPress domain to write about a subject already driven thousand of miles down into the ground.  I don’t even have a cool schtick, like “A Blog About Japanese Boats” or “Pictures of Rural Japanese Insects,” I just plan on recounting my life in this island country.  I hope I can find something new and interesting, just don’t hold me to it.

Really, though, that’s beside the point.  I’d say 98 percent of people who end up reading anything written here are either friends, family or woefully lost, so they won’t need much background on what is happening here.  For everyone else, I’m a recent graduate from Northwestern University, also known as that school that one Jonas Brother visited recently.  I spent four years studying journalism, so naturally when it came time to find a post-college job, I decided to become an English teacher in Japan.  I am doing this via the JET Programme, and will be living in the city of Nabari, about an hour train ride from Osaka.

To save time (i.e. Sportscenter is currently on and I want to watch it) I’m just going to link to a story I wrote about why I’m exactly doing this.  If you just can’t get enough musings of a lucky twenty-something in another country, feel free to read my last international blog.  Just keep in mind I had to delete a large chunk of posts due to an incident that makes me want to set my college diploma on fire.  Long story, don’t worry about it.

What I hope to do with this humble little blog is twofold: I want to focus on life in Japan and all the interesting sights and experiences that come with living in a country completely alien to me, while also using this as a sort of journal about how I’m feeling in a place where I know nobody and can barely say “hello” in Japanese.  This second objective caused a lot of debate in my head – a few people I know absolutely hate blogs devoted to people talking about how they are feeling, and I kinda get that.  But I believe personal writing doesn’t have to be completely indulgent – that it can connect to other people, or at the very least help those who already know you understand you a little better.  So, though I originally planned to try and keep my own personal well-being removed from this, I will certainly write about it now.

So yeah, thanks for reading, whether it’s for a minute or 30.  Hope you saw something not available on one of the other gazillion “I live in Japan!” blogs on the Web!

One Response to “Preface”

  1. I am curious to know your source of information for the following sentence in: Expo ’70 – May 8, 2011: ‘opening up the Commemorative Park in the early 1990s’?

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